A world class climber and business owner, Adrian knows that running a business is a lot like climbing a mountain. 

There’s an end goal; a team of people with unique talents and diverse needs; an investment of time and resources; a significant risk involved; an oftentimes rocky route from here to there; and hundreds of consequential decisions that need to be made along the way.How will your business accurately assess the investment of time and resources needed to reach your objectives? What will your leaders do to motivate the team to work well together through the good times and the bad? And how will you recognize that critical moment when all of the preparation and hard work aligns with the perfect window to seize the “summit” and bask in the rewards of your efforts? 

With more than 100 international climbing expeditions, six summits of Mt. Everest, and 10 years as the head guide and founder of an internationally acclaimed expeditions company, Adrian understands how to successfully manage risk to achieve lofty goals. Unlike many world class climbers, his ability to translate his riveting, on-mountain experiences into essential applications for off-piste attainment engages listeners to move past the small details that keep them stuck into a new range of possibilities and success. Adrian’s approachable nature and passion for educating delivers inspiring stories to his audiences that they can take back into their own lives to achieve outstanding results.

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Well-known for his level-headed decision making in high-stakes environments as well as his long-range vision for enduring prosperity, Adrian recognizes the high probability for failure intrinsic in any venture. By helping his listeners understand the process of building an experienced infrastructure to realistically attempt their goals, audiences take-away the desire to risk big things and the energy to move forward with confidence and momentum.

Adrian’s commitment to his audience extends from a life-changing experience he had at the young age of 17 when he was asked to join one of his instructors on his first big mountain climbing expedition. From that experience, he discovered how he could live his passion by teaching other people how to achieve theirs. If you or your group is ready to excel in the challenging environment of goal-setting and achievement, contact Adrian to book a speaking engagement.

Highlights of Adrian's 2014 big mountain climbing, incredible Everest footage, and a bit of his philosophy for mountains, life and business.