Why adrianballinger.com

This July, I am proud to say that my guiding company, Alpenglow Expeditions is turning 10 years old. When I began the company in 2004, I had no idea whether we would last even one year. I used my meager savings (from mountain guiding, a hard profession from which to save money) to create a website, buy ropes and tents and satellite phones, establish a rental fleet of boots, harnesses, crampons and ice axes, and set up a small office in my condo. I had a small group of passionate climbers dedicated to climbing with me, and from their referrals, hard work, a few side jobs (valet parking cars and waiting tables), and a lot of luck, survived.

Ten years later I’ve run over 100 international expeditions on 5 continents, summited Mt. Everest 6 times, and taken hundreds of climbers to the tops of the mountains of their dreams. Today I spend a majority of my year running a rapidly growing guide service seen as an industry leader in socially and environmentally responsible trips, while our talented group of certified guides continue to take aspiring climbers and trekkers to the world’s great mountain ranges.

As more of my time is taken with writing, public speaking, and running Alpenglow, our team decided it is time to separate my musings from Alpenglow’s. Alpenglow’s website and social media channels will continue to bring great content from the mountains, written by our guides, as well as guest blogging from our climbers and trekkers. Alpenglow Expeditions will continue to be the premier resource for information in planning the climbs and treks you dream of.

Meanwhile, this new website (and linked social media) will be my home. I plan to write and post from my experiences while climbing, skiing, guiding, leading Alpenglow, and working with teams of entrepreneurs and business leaders through public speaking and seminars. 

Enjoy the new site, let me know what you think, and please do follow me on twitter, instagram, linked-in, and facebook. I look forward to the interesting debates and conversation to come!

-Adrian Ballinger

photo courtesy of Ben Wheeler